Kyle Booker

Kyle Booker is a staple in the Long Island community, both born and raised with deep roots in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Kyle has been in the mortgage industry for 20+ years.

Stephen Mauriello

Stephen Mauriello comes to his clients with over 18 years of mortgage finance experience. That combined with the precision he learned from coaching football, the relentless attention to detail and accountability instilled during his time in the military, and strong leadership developed from managing many people in a corporate environment, all led to the successful way he works with his clients.

Tina Pecoraro

Tina Pecoraro is a Senior Loan Originator for Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers Corp. She provides professional residential financing services, specializing in financing the Purchase and refinance of residential real estate.

Tina has over 15 + years’ experience in mortgage lending and banking, specifically in Mortgage Origination and Management of a mortgages sales team. Outside of the office, she is often seen lacing up her running shoes going for a brisk run. Tina is extremely family-oriented and cherishes her time with family and friends.

Charles Pecoraro

Charles Pecoraro is a Senior Loan Originator at Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers Corp. He provides professional Residential Financing services, specializing in financing the purchase and refinance of residential real estate. Charles has over 11 + years’ experience in mortgage lending and banking, specifically in Mortgage Origination.

Malcolm David Marcelle

Malcolm Marcelle is an experienced mortgage loan originator dedicated to his work and empathetic to his clients. Malcolm understands that everyone’s financial and life situations are unique and he provides the best program options accordingly.

In his spare time, Malcolm is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur.


Mark Pamatat

With over 13 years experience owning my own landscaping company, customer satisfaction has always been my number one priority.  My goal is to educate and deliver you the best mortgage experience possible. Leveraging the latest technology I will provide you with the tools for a smoothest and headache free experience we can.

Leona F. Phillips

A home is one of the most expensive and rewarding purchases that you will make in your life. This is why I pride myself on the dedication, compassion, and knowledge that I provide for homebuyers/ homeowners who trust me with their financing needs. I joined the real estate industry in 2015 as a realtor then later transitioned into mortgages because I believe the mortgage industry needs more loan originators who are honest, professional, and who prioritize the needs of homebuyers and homeowners.

Nikitas Kouimanis

Nikitas Kouimanis has been working in mortgage banking for 22 years and has extensive experience in the industry. He profoundly understands the mortgage lending process and is committed to providing his clients with the best financing options.

Matthew Lark

Majoring in Business Management at Manhattanville College, Matthew Lark has always had an interest in real estate and the homebuying process. 

Biagio Maffettone

Biagio P. Maffettone has spent more than two decades building his practice as an award-winning licensed mortgage loan originator, sales manager and real estate financier. He is well-versed in all home financing solutions, including jumbo financing, condo/co-op, new construction, first-time homebuyer, renovation, foreign national, commercial, bridge financing/hard money, fix-and-flip, cross collateralization, and FHA/VA loans.

Prior to joining Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers Corp, Biagio held senior sales leadership positions at various mortgage banks. He is motivated by the joy clients experience when purchasing a home or advancing their business goals. His motto has always been “put the customer’s needs first” Biagio is committed to educating clients and walking them through each step of the process while sharing his vast knowledge and understanding of the industry along the way.